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Tools of the Web Designer

Website Design

I only develop clean, concise, compliant code. I use a variety of tools for development, I use the latest version of Dreamweaver for my executive development tool and favor Bootstrap and a Jquery framework in my designs. I also offer optional Web photography, custom graphic design, content wiritng, SEO and CMS in my designs. All of my designs since late 2012 have been mobile friendly responsive designs. And this is no joke, your new site will cost less and be much much better than you anticipate.

There are three responses to a Website design project – yes, no, and WOW!
We do the WOW!

img What are my rates?:
My Rates are as Follows:
  •   Normal rate:  $50/hour
  •   If you watch:  $100/hour
  •   If you help:  $200/hour.